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Flammable Safety Cabinet
Flammable Safety Cabinet
Flammable Safety Cabinet

Flammable Safety Cabinet

Regular price R 19,950.00

About the Product

Standardized manufacture meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 and NFPA 30 and is in strict accordance with EN 14470-1:2004 Approval, issued by a German thirdparty authority. A number of features, such as patented door construction, heavy-duty steel, unique design of flush top, and UV-resistant epoxy coating, etc., build up superior Looped Logic safety cabinets in the industry.


International Certifications

Looped Logic is accredited with the CE certification approved by the German authority. All the tests were carried out in accordance with the EN14470-1 standard. The certification along with the rigid test report with authoritative technical data assures product liability and customer safety.


 Durable Adjustable Shelf

Inner welded shelf hangers to offer maximum "no slip" stability. Easy to adjust shelf and lead leaks into sump quickly.

The heavy galvanized shelf of better corrosion resistance, with a high weight load of 175kg, is outstanding in the industry.

 Self-closing Door

Upon release doors shuts automatically. Mechanism is concealed in the top layer provides obstruction free access to shelf space. Fusible link holds door open during use. In case of fire, fusible link melts at 74°C to automatically close the door.

 Optional Padlock

Optional padlock allows for extra security and more safety. 

 3-point Self-Latching Door

Innovating three-point bullet self-latching system enables convenient maintenance.

 Vent Covers

Upper and lower vents equipped with a flame arrester for each reduce risks of amassing noxious gas. Location of vents could be customized and flexible.

 Leak-proof Sump

Leak proof containment sump which is 51mm in depth (19L capacity at maximum for the 45-gal cabinet), accommodates leaks and assures safety.